Girlfriends, Avon & You

This blog entry idea came from a collegue that I met on Twitter.  Believe it or not, there are some great thoughts and ideas there, once you get through the chaos that is Twitter! 🙂  But I am grateful for the opportunity to share this with you.  Hope that you enjoy it as well.

Girlfriends.  What would we do without them?  From the very first time you met each other over Barbie Dolls and Easy Bake Ovens, to the the time when you are asking her to be in your wedding, girlfriends have proved that they are the pillars which help us stand.

I know that as an Avon representative, my girlfriends are the first ones that I approached when I first started to sell.  I knew that I could approach them without feeling awkward or tense.  In fact, Kim,one of my girlfriends, already had an Avon rep.  It was her sister.  However, instead of telling me that she would only buy from her sister, she split her patronage between the 2 of us.  In this way, neither her sister or I felt slighted or felt that she was playing favorites.  On a sad note, Kim’s sister passed away from breast cancer last year.    As both an Avon rep and a customer (yes, I am addicted to Skin So Soft) I buy Avon’s Pink Ribbon Products and encourage my customers to do so as well.  The Pink Ribbon Products have been supporting breast cancer and care since 1992.  It is, in my small way, a show of support for Kim’s sister and all of the other girlfriends out there who have lost loved ones to breast cancer and those who are lucky to call themselves survivors. 

Another great thing that  I thing that I through Avon have been able to present to my girlfriends and customers is the introduction of The Avon Empowerment Fund which was formed to end violence against women. Spearheaded by Reese Witherspoon, Avon’s Global Ambassador, Avon has introduced the Empowerment Pendant Necklace and Empowerment Bracelet to that end.   No wonder Avon is known for being the company for women.  Not only does it give women the means to become their own boss, but it also is trying to find ways to improve the lives of women everywhere.   Moreover, 100% of the profits will be donated to the Avon Empowwerment Fund to end violence against women. For more information, please visit

Empowerment Pendant Necklace

Empowerment Pendant Necklace

Empowerment Bracelet

Empowerment Bracelet

Now, as I mentioned earlier, I truly believe that girlfriends are the pillars that support us.  Who else can you go to when you have broken up with they guy you thought was the “one”?  Who else is there when you just need to veg out and watch as “chick flick”?  Who is going to give you an honest opinion on the outfit you just bought or the new hair cut you just got?  And who else can you go to when you have started a small business venture and ask them for support?  Am I glad that I have girlfriends?  You bet!  And I am also glad that I am involved in a business that allows me to not only support myself, but to also support the girlfriends that I have and the new ones that I will meet along the way. 

Other Cool Stuff

For those of you who are getting married or even thinking of getting married, you may be interested in the upcoming event that my good friend and collegue is giving.  It is called the I Do Bridal Tea.  Here are the details:

Lights! Camera!….I Do Want To Be Fabulous!
Friday, June 19, 2009 2:00-6:00pm
The Spark Center
161 W. 22nd Street
Bet. 6th & 7th Ave
New York, NY  10011


Whether you are celebrating your engagement or anniversary, it’s A Day of Fun and Pampering for you and your gals; bridal party, or diva group or just celebrate you! You deserve it!  
Beauty Makeovers at our Makeup Bars
Photoshoots by Michelle Wild Photography
Vendors To Shop
Door Prizes, FREE Raffles, Swag Bags filled w/Goodies
Mingle and Chat
For regisration and ticket information log onto

Sounds like fun, huh?  So if you have some time, stop by and check it out.  I am going to be there and I hope to see you there as well. 
Well, that’s all for now.  Take care and for all of you girlfriends out there, take care of yourselves and each other. 






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