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As I am sure you have heard from news programs, editorials and talking heads alike, the economy is taking it’s time to recover.  Unemployment is still at an all time high and people are looking for ways to make money.  Here is one way to do so, direct selling.  Whether you choose Avon, Tupperware or Mary Kay, take a moment to review this quick crash course to help you to choose the direct selling opportunity that is right for you. 

“Direct Selling 101 “
Benefits & drawbacks of choosing a direct selling opportunity.

via Direct Selling 101 – ABC News

Other Cool Stuff 

Here is a direct selling opportunity that may be of interest.  It is a body wrap company whose focus is on weight loss.  My fellow direct seller and colleague, Cindy Voorhies gives a brief description of the company along with the link of the website: 

Hi Tracey, 

My business has in home body applications in which you can lose up to an inch in 45 minutes. We are an all natural based company. The applicator helps tone, tighten and lose inches. We also have supplements and skin care, along with facial and chin wraps which helps with wrinkles. This company is also going Global this month with the launch into Australia and then onto the U.K.  This product has become very popular as it is an alternative methods to liposuction and very affordable. 

My website is  where you will find more information.


Cindy Voorhies

Please feel free to contact Cindy for more information.  Please also let me know if you have a direct selling opportunity out there you would like to promote.  As I have said before, we are all in this together.  If we do not help each other out, who will?

 Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon.  Take care.






2 thoughts on “Direct Selling 101 – ABC News

  1. ok, Tracey – I am going to be COMPLETELY shameless in this post – I just launched my own MLM/DS company! Called Warrior Women Wine and Wisdom it allows women to come together, have fun, be inspired and taste great wine! I have built fabulous structured events that Tribe Leaders (what we call you in your community) to plug and play. Becasue we are JUST STARTING it’s a great chance for women to get in early and build the income! It’s so exciting and empowering to create something like this!

    Ann Evanston

    Women are welcome to email me for details!

    • I say be as shameless as you need to be! I will make sure that I mention your new venture on my next post. It sounds great. Thanks Ann!

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