In Business For Yourself, Not By Yourself

As an Independent Avon Representative, I’ve often wondered about the word “Independent”.  Yes, Avon is mine to basically run as I please.  I can work on it when I want, how I want and where I want.  Shape it to fit my needs, not the other way around.  However, I do have the support system of Avon itself.  I can utilize their advertising, samples, demo products and the management team is there for any help and or advise that I would need.  But I have to admit that sometimes, even that is not enough.  With the advent of social media such as Twitter, Facebook along with Ning groups, help for my business has gotten a bit easier.  I would also like to make a point of a few other very helpful souls out there whose business is to help small biz owners like myself to prosper and grow. 

During my forays into social media groups such as Twitter and Facebook, I have been fortunate to come across people such as Ann Evanson:, Carrie Wilkerson:, Lucinda Cross:, Denise O’Berry:, and Kim DeYoung:

Though they all offer coaching of one type or another, they each have their own specific style and specialties.   Yes, their coaching comes with a fee.  Like the rest of us, they have to make a living too!  However, they offer many free products and services as well such as newsletters, blogs, e-books, podcasts and much more.  Ann Evanson aka the Warrior-Preneur even goes so far as to allow bloggers to post their blogs on her Facebook page once a week!  This is just one way to show how she is there to be the help you need, when you need it.

So basically what I am saying that if you are like myself, and still are looking for that extra push or support that you need for yourself or your business, you don’t have to look far.  They are out there and they are waiting to share their expertise and experiences with you.  Remember, you may be in business for yourself, but you are certainly not by yourself. 

Product Spotlight

You have heard me mention great products from Avon’s Anew line.  They have now introduced the Anew Reversalist Regimen.  Focusing on moderate signs of aging it reduces wrinkles, improves firmness and evens skin tone.  The Illuminating Eye System in particular zeroes in on decreasing dark circles under eyes.  The Illuminating Eye System is now available for only $25, regularly $30.  I have 5 in stock right now so contact me to get in on this great product and great deal! 

As always, thank you for stopping by.  Please let me know if there us anything in particular you would like to see here on the blog.  I would be happy to share any news or information you think might be beneficial.  Till next time.




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