Mother’s Day Is Every Day

Yes, I know that Mother’s Day has come and gone, but  I just wanted to put my two cents in.  For all of her self-sacrifice, dedication and of course maternal love.  Without her, we would not have good manners, great hygiene and of course a healthy diet (sort of).

Mom is the nurturer.  She is the one that usually makes sure you eat right, brush your teeth, and of course have on clean underwear, just in case you get into an accident and have to go to the hospital.  You know, I never really understood that.  I mean if you have an accident, wouldn’t you soil your underwear anyway?  And while I am thinking about it, why is it,  that if you did not eat all of your food, they always scolded you by telling you about all of the starving children in other countries?  I always wanted to volunteer my cooked carrots (which I hated and still do) and ship them to these poor unfortunate souls.  But I digress. 

Now I would like to briefly address the mother/daughter dynamic, since I am a daughter and can only address this matter from my point of view.  Sorry fellas.  I will try to get your imput for Father’s Day.  What kind of relationship do you have with your mom?  Is it a Gilmore Girls or a Donna Reed?  I also sincerely hope that none of you have a Mommy Dearest sort of relationship with your mom.  That would be well, kind of creepy and a little disturbing.  But I digress again. What  I am asking is, are you more of a friend with your mom or is it a more traditional type of relationship?  I have a combo of sorts with my mom.  I find that the older I get, the more I am friends with her, but there are moments when she is most definitely MOM!  At those times, especially when I am sick or feel as if life has done me wrong,  I am grateful that she is there for me.  It’s those times when I need her the most. I am sure that we all feel the same way. 

So even thought she may drive you crazy at times, ok most of the time, just remember, Mom will love you all of the time.  Yes, Mother’s Day has come and gone, but your mom will always be your mom.  Every day and always.

By the way, if you would like to hear the best ode to mom song, check out the Intruders “I’ll Always Love My Mama”:

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3 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Is Every Day

  1. Hi Tracey,

    As a guy, I totally feel my bond with my mom and her unconditional love. You’re right – every day should be Mother’s Day (not just the day where we all go out and buy flowers and cards).



  2. Interesting topic. So, my Mom left at 13, but a wonderful woman took her place in my heart! And my relationship with her is a combo like yours, she is my friend, but at times definately MOM! She is the most amazing person I know, and I don’t know what I would do without her!

    Shawna E Anderson
    “Your Brain Search & Rescue Program”

  3. Tracy thanks for posting a reminder of how valuable our Mom’s are in our lives. I treasure all the memories I have, and understand more of the why now that I am a parent too. Like you my mom is more a friend now that I am older.

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