The People You Meet

I am helping my sister with my nephew by bringing him to school in the morning.  Yes, it’s an early and sometimes long day, but it helps my sister out a great deal, and it also helps me to get a jump on my day.  After I drop him off, I go in search of a Starbucks, for a hot beverage and a bite to eat.  I choose Starbucks as they have free WiFi (who does not love that?) and they play pretty good music too.  But I digress.  What I am leading up to  is that during one of my mornings last week, I shared a table with a lovely women by the name of Barbara Segal. 


Barbara Segal: Noir Blanc Interiors
 I’ve shared a table with other strangers during my mornings but Barbara was different.  In the beginning, we both were bent over our respective laptops and netbooks, intent on our work.  I later excused myself to visit the rest room and thanked her for watching out for my things when I came back to the table.  She then asked my what I was studying.  She thought I was a college student.  Thank you Barbara! That was the nicest compliment I have had in a while.  I explained that I was an Avon rep and that I was working on my business.  I had noticed that she was using a program that I used as well, Hootsuite, and that was when the conversation really took off. 

Barbara was kind enough to give me a quick lesson in how to use Hootsuite more efficiently and other tips to help me grow my biz.  I learned that Barbara was not only one of the premier interior decorators in her field, she specializes in beach decor, but she is also a social media and PR consultant.  We talked about how being in business for ourselves and even though it’s tough going, it is the way to go these days.  Especially the way the economy and job market is currently.  

As you may have noted, Barbara made an impression on me.  Though I was a complete stranger, she took the time to not only engage me in conversation, but to give me some help and advice.  In today’s environment, she could have just said a quick, “you’re welcome” or just nodded her head in acknowledgement when I came back from the restroom and left it at that.  I am grateful that she decided to share some of her knowledge with me and to pay it forward I would like to share her links with you:

So I guess the moral to this story is while you sitting in your favorite coffee-house, enjoying your favorite beverage and working, take a moment to see who is sitting next to or across from you.  You never know the kind of people you might meet.


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