Eat, Love, Shop!

Not too long ago, Thanksgiving meant time with family, friends, lots of food, parades and football.  Then we would sit around moaning about how much food we ate all the while thinking about another slice of pie before nodding off on the couch.  Later in the evening, the kitchen has been cleaned up, leftover’s put away and then off to bed happy with the thought of being able to sleep late and visions of turkey sandwiches dancing in our dreams. 

We still do all of those things, but with a bit of a difference.    Most of us don’t get to sleep in the day after Thanksgiving anymore.  No, work does not call us to the office.  School is not in session.  What could possibly pull us out of our turkey coma?  Holiday sales of course, more commonly known as Black Friday.  No one quite knows when the term came into being, but retailers look toward this day with much anticipation and glee.  It’s their hope that the shopping frenzy will put their ledgers in the “black”.  Shoppers look forward to this day in order to help them to save money on holiday gifts. 

Black Friday had become a tradition much like the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, football games and cranberry sauce.  I mean, who can think of Thanksgiving without them?  Sadly, I must admit that I am guilty of aiding and abetting Black Friday myself by holding an e-party online for my customers.  I mean a girl has got to make a living, right?  My consolation to myself is that I am not making my customers get up at an ungodly hour and venturing out into the elements.  They can participate from their home and hearth and on their own schedule.  I guess you can say that I am of the school of thought that if you can’t beat them, join them!

However you choose to spend your Thanksgiving holiday or the day after, I wish good food, great company, laughter and love.  And of course, happy shopping!


2 thoughts on “Eat, Love, Shop!

  1. I am one of the Goffy ones who used to go to the sales. Now I sit at home andorder online so Thank you for feeding my habit. I enjoyed your Blog and I will be back. I really like the phone you use in the button. Have a nice day and I did stop by from the Hop.

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