New Year – Fresh Start

The holidays are over and 2011 is now upon us.  I have been looking back over the past year with  mixed feelings.  My health had been great.  My mom has been able to retire and purchase her dream home.  And my dog has reached the age of 16 and still is in relative good health!  However, I would have liked to been a bit more successful in my business.  The economy had been tough on everyone and my finances need vast improvement.  Though I have been working to make money with my busniness,  even with the famous brand name of Avon,it still takes time, effort and commitment.  

 I am not big on resolutions as I believe that they don’t last long.  I mean we make them with the best of intentions, but then real life gets in the way and sometimes our good intentions goes by the wayside.  What I would like to do is just to make a fresh start.  Make things simple such as re-examining my work schedule, utilizing the tools that I have to make my business grow and endeavor to be more interactive with my customers.  And most important of all, ignore the nay sayers.  Sounds like a resolution doesn’t it?  Maybe it does.  But I think I will stick with my fresh start idea.  I think that this way, I will stay the course. 

What is your fresh start?


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