Affluent Business Woman Launched to Help Women Prosper in 2011

As I mentioned in my last post, I am taking a fresh start approach to my business in this new year.  One of the ways that I am doing this is looking for ways to expand my client and networking base.  I am re-posting this blog post from fellow biz owner and colleague Jerrilynn Thomas whose very business is to help to connect business in the many and various fields that they may work in.  Take a look and let me know what you think:


We are all aspiring to reach and surpass the $1 million mark. The smartest and quickest way to do so is by forming collaborative business relationships.  Take time out today to read Affluent Business Woman Magazine published by Marketing 2 Women International.   On just about every page of Affluent Business Woman Magazine, you will find an innovative cross marketing tip or the cross marketing preferences of a business person ready to join forces with you in 2011 to grow your female client base.
You may have missed out on being a part of the debut issue but in early 2011, Marketing 2 Women International has plans to launch regional editions of Affluent Business Woman magazine. They will spotlight business and professional women while showcasing local fashion and interior designers, spas, business retreats, retailers, restaurants, neighborhoods equipped for entrepreneurs, and more of interest to up and coming female millionaires.
Visit to read the debut issue of Affluent Business Woman magazine and share the link with a friend.

Announcement to Share

Happy New Year!

I hope the New Year is proving to be fruitful for you.  One of my business resolutions this year is to incorporate more collaborative business relationships into my marketing activities.  I hope that we can find a way to team up and market this year.  I would like to introduce you to one of my cross marketing partners Jerrilynn Thomas founder of Marketing 2 Women International (

Jerrilynn recently launched Affluent Business Woman Magazine for women who are building their independent wealth through entrepreneurship.  The online magazine is packed with women ready to cross market with you and ideas on how to partner with brick & mortar companies to grow your female client base.  She has plans to delve deeper into the women in business market this Spring by creating regional editions of the magazine and will be looking for women that she can showcase.  You can read the magazine at  Advertising is available. Tell all of your female business associates about the magazine.

Why beat the bushes to find clients in 2011 when you can cross market with complementary companies whose existing client base needs your products and services?  Marketing 2 Women International has numerous services for women that want to engage in power collaborative business relationships.  


Consortium Partnerships:  Marketing 2 Women International’s consortium was developed to help companies thrive during and beyond the recession by facilitating lucrative cross marketing partnerships between Main Street America and the online women in business community. A consortium is a coalition of organizations, such as banks and corporations, set up to fund ventures requiring large capital resources.  Women involved in Marketing 2 Women International’s consortium will share the cost of marketing and advertising (major women’s expos, direct mail, mobile advertising, joint collateral marketing materials, etc.) to grow their female client base.  During their New Year’s drive, companies can take advantage of an affordable monthly payment plan so they quickly begin reaping the benefits of cross marketing.

Marketing to Women Business Center: As a Marketing to Women Business Center client, you will …

  • Participate in monthly Metropolitan Business Woman Marketing Forums to learn how to market your company to women in top metro business markets.
  • Receive peer to peer support to quickly solve your business problems.
  • Engage in collaborative business relationships by taking part in a Cross Marketing Circle to increase your female client base and grow your social media connections.
  • Access to Marketing to Women reports, workshops and seminars at a 30% – 75% discount.
  • Have your own personal business advisory board.
  • & much more for a low introductory fee.  They are registering clients for February.

Marketing to Women Business Suppliers-ships:  Regional Marketing to Women Business Supplier-ships are available to companies that want to service the clients of the Marketing 2 Women International’s business center.  The perks include a directory listing, Marketing 2 Women International cross marketing passport (allows companies to participate in select cross marketing projects without becoming an official part of the consortium), ongoing social media promotions / cross pollination activities and a low one time flat fee.

Marketing to Women Blog Network:  Marketing 2 Women International is accepting applications for its new Marketing to Women Blog Network. The blog network will supplement its Marketing to Women Business Center by building content around how to market to different women’s audiences – female pet owners, female Realtors, women who golf, mompreneurs, etc., whereas the business center will focus on marketing to women in key metro areas — Dallas, Atlanta, New York, etc. — using their local marketing infrastructure.

As you can see, Marketing 2 Women International has a lot of fantastic services for women ready to exponentially grow their female client base without the stress of prospecting and cold calls. I hope you will join me in getting involved during their 2 week New Year’s business drive so you can grab over $2000 worth of business perks..  If you decide to get involved, please email me.  My referrals get a special bonus gift from Marketing 2 Women International depending on the service they select.

Thanks for allowing me to share this with you.  Please feel free to let me know what you think and if you have any questions.  Thanks and have a great day!


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